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  • Cotton Seeds
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Nagraj XL BGII Hybrid Cotton Seeds

Brand : Krishna Seeds Farm (Goldi Agro).
Data : Variety : NC-1116 BGII
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Nagraj XL BGII Hybrid Cotton Seeds : Krishna Seeds Farm is an R and D based reputed seed company. We have developed, produced and doing marketing of Bollgard II Bt cotton hybrid seeds in India. Nagraj BGII Hybrid Cotton Seeds is one of Premium and excellent performer hybrid. This hybrid is highly adoptive to almost all cotton-growing states as well as suitable for cultivation under varied soil types, irrigation conditions, and agronomic practices. Its medium duration maturity is preferred by farmers who want to undertake subsequent Rabi crop or who has limited irrigation.

Features :

  • Bollgard-II Bt Hybrid Cotton Seeds.
  • Variety : NC-1116 BGII.
  • Germination : 75%.
  • Weight : 475 Gram.
  • Higher Yield.
  • Medium Duration Maturity.
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