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Pack 4+1 Shiv Ganga Rain Pipes (32/40MM)

Brand : Shivganga.
Data : Bundle Length - 100 Meter
Availability : Out of Stock

Rain Pipes are widely use for Agircultural use across India. Banwat Industries brings to you custom made solutions to suit your farming needs.

One unit of Rain-pipe has a length of 100 meters. Drip holes of Rain pipe are made with laser punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water.

Rain pipe is a substitute option for sprinkler irrigation which sprays the same quality of water to crops.

Rain pipe is easy to assemble and also easy to relocate. Rain pipe helps to reduce consumption of energy and water more than 50%.

Rain Pipe accessories not included in the price.

  • Size/Diameter : 32/40mm, 350 micron.
  • 1 Bundle Length : 100 Meter.
  • Operating Pressure : 1kg/cm square.
  • Water Discharge : 1 Liter/Min/Meter.
  • Product life : 4-5 Years.
  • Made of 100% Virgin Material.
  • 1 Acre / 800 Meter (8 Bundle)
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