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Pranil Agri's AMINO GOLD

Brand : Pranil Agri Services LLP.
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Amino Gold is a combination of Protein Hydrolystae, Seaweed Extract and Fulvic acid. Amino gold helps in increasing vigor in all crops. It helps in increasing branching, tillering, flowering, fruit setting, fruit size. It also helps in reducing stress due to atmosphere or low water availability.

Amino gold helps in increasing production with high quality and long shelf life of produce.

 Method of Application and Recommend Dose : – 

·         It can be applied directly as single product during infestation and also along with any chemical insecticide or other PGN / PGR.

·         Recommended to use in earlier stages of crop life.

·         Mode of Application – Foliar & Drip

·         Application Dose –

Spray –  0.5 – 1 GM / Ltr. of Water

Drip – 250 GM / Acre


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