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Pranil Agri's RADIX

Brand : Pranil Agri Services LLP.
Data : Potassium Humate 98%
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Radix contains Potassium Humate 98%. It provides favorable conditions for biological activity, chemical reactions and physical improvements of soil. It increases white root development which results in consumption of applied fertilizers and water to crop. It improves fertilizers efficiency hence requirement of chemical fertilizers reduced. It helps in reducing leaching of fertilizers and pesticides. It helps in increasing crop yield and quality. It helps in strengthening crop resistance to disease and pests. It helps in drought conditions as it is helps soil to retain water.


Method of Application and Recommend Dose : – 

·         It can be applied directly as single product during infestation and also along with any chemical insecticide or other PGN / PGR.

·         Recommended to use after transplantation of nursery seedlings for better root growth & at time of branching for maintaining short distance between two internodes.

·         Mode of Application – Foliar & Drip

·         Application Dose – Spray – 2 GM / Liter of Water


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