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Rexolin Q Fe EDDHA

Brand : PR Agro Nutri Private Limited.
Data : Fe-EDDHA 6% Fe
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Rexolin Q - Fe-EDDHA (6% Fe) :

Rexolin® Q is a stable, water-soluble and non-dusting iron chelate Iron is chelated by EDDHA.

Chemical Name : Ethylenediamine-N,N'-bis(2-hydroxy-phenylacetic acid) ferric-sodium complex; EDDHA-FeNa Rexolin® Q is a product developed for usage on iron deficient soils with wide range of pH ranging from 3-10. It has an excellent performance in alkaline high pH Soil where EDTA will not work. When the pH near the roots is rising to 7.5 or higher, or when the water used contains very high levels of zinc, it is advised to use Rexolin® Q.

  • Application : In agriculture and horticulture for soil and hydroponics applications.
  • Appearance : Dark red-brown micro granules.
  • pH (1% solution) : 7 - 9
  • pH Stability range: : 3 – 10.
  • Bulk density untapped : approx. 500 - 700 kg/m3.
  • Solubility in water : 60 g/l (for practical use).

TIME OF APPLICATION : Rexolin Q can be applied just before regrowth and when deficiency symptoms occur during the growth period.


  • Rexolin Q is meant for application in soil as solution in water.
  • Rexolin Q is photodegradable it has to be mixed with soil during or immediately after application.

FERTIGATION : Rexolin Q is to be applied by drip irrigation because of its excellent solubility.


  1. Good Stability : The behavior of Rexolin Q is independent of the type of soil and its pH. Rexolin Q performs even in very alkaline soils (pH<9.5).
  2. Quick Recovery : The easy absorption by root results in quick recovery of crop.
  3. High Efficiency : Total recovery of plants that suffered from iron chlorosis.
  4. Lasting Action : At the recommended dose the results will last throughout the season.

Dosage :

  • Green House Crops :
    • Crop : Foliar 2 weeks interval.
    • Cut flowers : 1 g/L
    • Vegetables : 1 g/L
    • Potted flowers, pot plants : 0.8 g/L
  • Arable crops and open field horticulture crops : Foliar Application - 0.5 to 1.5 Kg/ha.
  • Apply in water volume that gives adequate coverage of crop (200-1000 L). Do not exeeda concentration of 0.1%.
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