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Sea Ruby Liquid Seaweed Extract

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Organic Growth Promoter
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Sea Ruby Liquid - Seaweed Extract : Sea Ruby Liquid is 100% Natural derived product extracted from seaweed -beneficial plant spreader of bottom and deep sea. It is a helpful product for all crops.


  • It helps in white root activity.
  • Rapid growth of plant.
  • Dark green colour of leaf, reduce flower drop and leaf shadily.
  • It helps in flower bud differentiation in Grapes.
  • Help to increase size and attractive colour in fruits.
  • Best result when spray taken in early morning or at evening time.
  • It also provide natural N.P.K., Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe nutrients.

DOSE : 2 ml per Liter water.

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