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Shiv Ganga Online 16mm Drip Irrigation Pipe

Brand : Shivganga.
Data : Weight - 10.5 KG
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Online 16mm Drip Irrigation Pipe :

Size : Diameter - 16mm, Roll Length - 300m. Type: Online.

Unique Design and Easy to Install : Unique Micropores design creates an ultra-tight connection to fittings, Flexibility allows tighter turns with fewer elbows for fast, easy installation in garden, flower bed, ground cover or other landscaped areas.

Compatibility: Compatible with sharp Fittings, Spot Watering Emitters, Micro-Bubblers, Misters and Sprays. Flow regulated, self flushing inline emitters deliver equal flow at a wide range of operating pressures.

Strong and Durable Material : Shivganga drip irrigation Pipe is made from high quality UV resistant Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) material, is much stronger and able to withstand greater impact and puncture damage. Unmatched Resistance to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscaping. It can be left out year-round, buried or on the surface, in any weather.

Function : Use as the main line in a small Drip irrigation system or to branch off from larger Drip tubing systems to micro-watering system.

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