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Shiv Ganga Rain Pipe Accessories Set

Brand : Shivganga.
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Rain Pipes are widely use for Agricultural use across India. Banwat Industries brings to you custom made solutions to suit your farming needs. One unit of Rain-pipe has a length of 100 meters. Drip holes of Rain pipe are made with laser punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water.

Rain Pipe Accessories Set : Available in 32mm and 40mm Sizes. Easy to use and best material to use in the rain pipe.

  • Rain Pipe Joiner : 1 piece
  • Rain Pipe Take Off : 1 piece
  • Rain Pipe Cock : 1 piece
  • Rain Pipe End Cap : 1 piece
  • Rain Pipe Grommet : 1 piece

Note : Box will contain 1 piece of each Accessories

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