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Siddhivinayak Mulching Film - 3.25 Feet

Brand : Siddhivinayak.
Data : Length 400 Meter
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Mulching Film : Length - 400 Meter


We are well-received in the market for offering superior quality Silver Mulch Film that helps in achieving a high yield of crops. The disallow weeds and pests grow in the field and protect garden fruits and vegetables. Leading Manufacturer of silver & black mulching film, watermelon mulching film, mulch film and cotton mulching film from India.

Mulching is a technique of adding a layer to the surface of the soil around the plant with plastic film to conserve the soil moisture that suppress weeds growth, regulate soil temperature and prevent water loss through evaporation.Mulching Film is made of High Strength LLDPE and LDPE Material.

We are reckoned in the market for offering Mulch Film, which is used for protecting soil and nullify effects of the climate. The film is acknowledged for its impact that has on light, which is responsible for creating both, heat and color.

Mulching Film Advantages

  • Restricts Weed Growth
  • Increases Moisture and Heat Retention in the soil
  • Prevents Soil Erosion by Wind and Rain
  • Modifies Soil Temperature
  • Enhances Soil Structure by preventing Soil Crusting and Soil Compaction
  • Helps to increase of production by 20 to 50%
  • Enhances Quality of the produce with cleaner crop

Mulching Film Specifications:

  • UV Protected: Yes
  • We are manufacturers and suppliers of Watermelon Mulching Film (Silver and Black) and have carved a niche for ourselves in this product category.
  • These films can be perforated with a single or multiple rows of holes. Mulch films enhance yield and quality by controlling the microclimate around the plants.
  • It also controls the growth of harmful weeds.
  • These are manufactured under International standards and we provide them with a guarantee period.
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