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Tiron RICH CAL Liquid Calcium-11

Brand : Tiron Nutrition Pvt Ltd.
Data : Micronutrients Calcium 11%
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Rich Cal is formulated with proprietary gluconate elements which promote the release of reserve calcium from plants making immediate availability of calcium.

Rich Cal strengthened cell walls & also increases the resistance against pests and diseases. 

Rich Cal also helps to recover the death of growing points, premature shedding of blossoms and buds, tip burn, blossom end rot, and bitter pit.   

Rich Cal also helps in improving overall soil quality. 

Rich Cal uses during critical development stages such as fruiting can vastly improve fruit quality, quantity, and overall plant health.    

 Method of Application and Recommend Dose: –

· It can be applied directly as a single product and also along with any chemical insecticide or other PGN / PGR.

· Recommended 2 to 3 times during the growth and development stage of the crop.

· Mode of Application – Spray

· Application Dose – 2 ml / Liter


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