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Urja Broccoli Microgreens Seeds

Brand : Urja Seeds.
Data : Gardening Vegetable Seeds
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Brocolli Microgreens Seeds :

Broccoli Microgreens contains lots of essential vitamins and nutrients. Its sprouts are the healthiest of all sprouts and are 40x more nutritious than broccoli itself. It also contains vitamins A, B, and C. It is excellent when added to your favorite sandwiches to add a tasty crunch with clean and fresh flavors. Harvest and serve straight into your favorite dishes and salads. Simple to grow, sow evenly in seed compost or moist kitchen paper, in small containers with a lid. Once seeds have germinated place on a bright sunny windowsill and feed with a seaweed-based fertilizer. One must be careful about the common microgreen problems and take necessary actions on time so you have good yield at the end. Broccoli Microgreens have a lot of nutritional value and in comparison to their mature counterparts, they are far less bitter. Broccoli Microgreens add a unique flavor and crunchy texture to one’s food. Growing Broccoli microgreen at home is quite easy and does not require a lot of your time or effort. Therefore, planting broccoli microgreens at home is quite popular amongst our customers. To start the Broccoli microgreens growing process, first make sure that you have the best broccoli microgreen seeds! You can order them right away from Urja Seeds. Once you get your hands on the seeds, look for a container which has small holes. Plant the microgreen broccoli seeds in this container and place it in an area which has adequate light settings. Spread the microgreen Broccoli seeds evenly on the soil and tap gently. Spray some water and place a lid on top of your container. Wait for 2-3 days while the seeds use the darkness and moisture to germinate. You can remove the lid once you observe small leaves coming out of the soil. Water the microgreen broccoli sprouts to keep them hydrated as well as protected from bacterial growth. These sprouts will later grow into microgreens. In the growing stage, make sure adequate sunlight or indoor lighting is available to the plant. Microgreens are very nutritious and a must have in your kitchen garden, They are generally ready between 10-14 days of planting them.

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