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Urja F1 Hybrid Black Ball Watermelon Seeds

Brand : Urja Seeds.
Data : Hybrid Seeds
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Watermelon Seeds Urja F1 Black Ball : It is a warm-season crop mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Generally, a long period of warm, preferably dry weather with abundant sunshine is required.

  • It is susceptible to frost. Excess humidity will promote the attack of diseases and insect pests. For good quality and sweetness, dry weather during the fruit development is necessary.
  • It requires a tropical climate and fairly high temperature (35-40°C) during fruit development. Cool nights and warm days are ideal for the accumulation of sugars in the fruits. Maturity is hastened if nights are warm.
  • The average temperature for growth should be around 30-35°C with a maximum of around 40°C and a minimum between 20 and 25°C. The optimum temperature range of 18-25°C is required for germination.

Variety Details :

  • Early medium maturity
  • Round sugar baby type hybrid (highly popular)
  • Red flesh with a soft texture
  • Resistant to Fusarium
  • Average fruit weight: 8 to 10kg
  • Seed Rate : 300-400 Grams per acre
  • Sowing time (North):
    • Mid Jan – Mar
    • Nov – Dec (under protection)
  • Sowing time (South): Nov – Dec.
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