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Urja F1 Hybrid US-8283 Achari Chilli Seeds

Brand : Urja Seeds.
Data : Hybrid Vegetable Seeds
Availability : Out of Stock

Chilli F-1 Hybrid US-8283(Achari) : Chilli performs well under humid climate. It is photo-insensitive and day length neither affects flowering nor fruit setting. A frost free period of about 130-150 days with temperature range of 15-35°C is optimum for chilli production. Generally chilli will not set fruit when night temperature is above 30°C. Temperature beyond 40°C result in poor fruit set and increased fruit drop.

Variety Details :

  • Normal green and uneven shiny fruit.
  • Medium pungent.
  • First pickings in 55 to 60 days.
  • Average height – 12 to 14cms; diameter 3.5 cms.
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