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Urja Madhuri Papaya Seeds

Brand : Urja Seeds.
Data : Hybrid Seeds
Availability : Out of Stock

Madhuri Papaya Seeds : Madhuri Papaya Seeds is a tropical fruit and is highly valuable medicinal ingredient. Globally, India leads the world in papaya production followed by Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Indonesia, Peru, China, Thailand and Philippines. Being a highly productive crop and easy to grow papaya is cultivated widely as a kitchen garden in India.

Product Details :

  • Selection from Washington variety.
  • Ready for harvest by 7-8 months after planting.
  • Bright reddish orange color on maturity.
  • Seeded fruits, high TSS, sweet in taste, good shelf life.
  • Average weight 1.5 to 2.0kg.
  • High round oval fruits, 130-150 fruits per plant.
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