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Urvara Anti Virus Kit

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Bio Pesticides
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Antiviruse Kit :

  • Antivirus kit is a kit made especially for stopping and recovering crops suffering from viral diseases like leaf curl, yellow vein mosaic found in chilli, tomato, potato and cucurbits like beans, cucumber, gourds etc, in papaya - ring spot virus etc.
  • This combination contains 4 products. All products 250 ml x 1 no each (Viroeseal, Proban, Maxgrow, Nutriup)
  • Nutriup - for nutrients uptake (250 GM).
  • Viroeseal- Antivirus (250 ML).
  • Maxgrow - maximum growth booster (250 ML).
  • Proban- Sucking pest controller (250 ML).

Dosage : Use kit for 1 acre for 1 application. It is recommended to use the kit at least twice.

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