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  • Organic Plant Growth Promoters
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Urvara Bestpro Organic Flowering Stimulant

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Organic Flowering Booster
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Bestpro Organic Flowering Stimulant :

  • Bestpro is a 100% organic flowering stimulant that reduces flower and fruit drop and helps in uniform growth of fruits.
  • It promotes plant health and helps it overcome stress factors to prevent or lower the rate of flower and fruit drops.
  • It also helps in all round development of fruits in terms of taste, size, flavor all by naturally assisting the plants.

Dosage : To be give as foliar spray before and after 15 days of flowering at the rate of 3 ml/Ltr of water, preferably during morning or late evening. Preferably use spreader/sticker to prevent roll off from plant surface.

Close the container tightly after use and store in ambient temperature place away from heat and sunlight. If one comes in contact directly with product then wash with plenty of water and soap. Mild irritation may be there. Consult Dr immediately for symptomatic treatment.

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