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Urvara Dcon Organic Disease Controller

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Bio Fungicides
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Urvara Dcon Organic Disease Controller :  Dcon is a product of fungal metabolite extracts made primarily to control seed and soil borne diseases like root rot or ring spot. Many a times the problem comes from the soil itself when dormant fungal spores start sporulating and cause diseases that affect plant health or sometimes it comes from nursery saplings. Dcon controls these infections preventing further productivity losses.

  • Dcon is a 100% organic product that controls soil and seed borne infections and help control fungal infections like root rot etc caused by fungus like Phytophthora spp.
  • It is useful for crops turmeric, ginger etc where soil borne infections can harm the entire crop.

Dosage : It is to be used at 4 ml/Liter of water to be sprayed on soil near root zone / stem or by soil drenching (can be used for drip irrigation). 

The spray / drenching is to be repeated at interval of 6-8 days till control is achieved. Spray preferably during morning or late evening. Close the container tightly after use and store in ambient temperature place away from heat and sunlight. If one comes in contact directly with product then wash with plenty of water and soap. Mild irritation may be there. Consult Dr immediately for symptomatic treatment.

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