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Urvara Grubseal Organic White Grub Controller

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Organic Pesticides
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Urvara Grubseal Organic White Grub Controller :
  • Grubseal is 100% organic product that controls white grubs that bore holes in roots / stems of plant crops and are also present in not so well decomposed compost heap.
  • Which in turn get added to soil when farmers use this infested soil. Product contains entomopathogenic microbes that infect and slow down their action or even kill them thus protecting the crops.
  • This can be used for sugarcane and other crops where white grub infestation is seen.
Dosage :
Use at 3 Liter/acre dosing by soil drenching. Apply preferably in early morning / late evening. Apply at interval of 8-10 days till control is achieved.

If one comes in contact with produt, wash with plenty of water, Some irritation may be there. Consult Dr if it persists.

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