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Urvara Spotout Plant Disease Controller

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Bio Pesticides
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Spotout Plant Disease Controller : Spotout is 100% organic product that controls bacterial infections like oily spot in pomegranate, it also helps control fungal diseases. For oily spot of pomegranate it has an excellent preventive action. When sprayed before onset of disease, it doesn’t allow the disease causing bacteria to settle or if sprayed early at 5% infestation rate, this product stops its spead to healthier trees.

Dosage : To be sprayed at 4 ml/Liter of water. Use sticker/spreader to prevent roll off from fruits / leaves. Spray in early morning / late evening. Spray at interval of 6-8 days till control is achieved. If one comes in contact with product, wash with plenty of water, Some irritation may be there. Consult Dr if it persists.

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