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Urvara Viroeseal Antivirus

Brand : Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd.
Data : Bio Pesticides
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Urvara Viroeseal Antivirus : Viroeseal is an 100% organic product made from extracts of microbes and plants. This product boosts immunity of the plant against viral diseases like leaf curl, yellow vein, papaya ringspot etc. Viroeseal is a unique mixture of microbial and other extracts that help plants recover from viral infections like yellow vein mosaic, leaf curl, papaya ring spot etc. This product stops the spread of viral particles to newer shoots of leaves and re-starts or maintains productivity levels which stop due to viral infection.

Dosage: 3-4 ml/Ltr of water.

Method: Foliar spray, covering upper and ground facing surfaces. It is strongly suggested to add spreader/sticker so that product doesn’t roll off with water droplets. Take fine spray.

Tips for faster & better results: Use this product along with Proban (available on our website) and chelated zinc (any good product available in market)

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