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Kiwi Fruit Cultivation Guide

Kiwi Fruit Cultivation Guide

Kiwi Fruit Cultivation Guide


Kiwi fruit vines are quite hardy and grow at a wide variety of temperatures, but they need Kiwi fruit of the best quality

  • Fertile, well-drained soils
  • Shelter from the wind
  • Adequate moisture year-round
  • Protection from autumn and spring frosts.

Suitable soil for Kiwi Farming

The Bay of Plenty’s rich, yellow-brown loams are well-drained but require regular nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium once the vines start to grow. Orchards are normally fertilized with 200 kg of nitrogen, 55 kg of phosphorus and 100-150 kg of potassium per hectare in spring and early summer.

Land Preparation for Kiwi Fruit

In order to plant vines, steep land is contoured to terraces. To obtain maximum sunlight, the rows should be oriented in a north-south direction. By preparing the soil is that is key to the productive establishment of its vineyard. A mixture of farm manure and pit filling will be finished by December.

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