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what is the function of which nutrient and deficiency symptoms

 what is the function of which nutrient and deficiency symptoms

what is the function of which nutrient and deficiency symptoms


Lucknow. Just as every person needs nutrients, in the same way plants also need some nutrients for their growth, reproduction, and various biological functions. Due to lack of these nutrients, the plant stops growth. If these nutrients are not available for a certain time, then the plant dries up. On the basis of scientific tests, 17 elements have been said to be necessary for plants, without which the activities of plant growth and reproduction are not possible. The main elements of these are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Plants take more quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, it is necessary to give them as fertilizer. Apart from this, calcium, magnesium and sulfur are less required, hence they are known as secondary nutrients, besides iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, malibdenum, chlorine and nickel are needed in small quantities.

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1- The main functions of nitrogen

  • Nitrogen makes protein which is an integral part of the organism and also participates in the formation of leaf green.
  • Nitrogen contributes to plant growth and development in this way.
  • It gives a dark green color to the plants.
  • Botanical growth is encouraged.
  • Increases protein content in cereal and fodder crops. This helps in the formation of Dano.
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2- Nitrogen deficiency symptoms

  • Lack of protein in plants and appearing light colored. The lower leaves begin to fall, which is called chlorosis.
  • Stopping the growth of the plant, making the bud less, flowering less.
  • Fall of fruit bearing trees. Dwarf appearance of plants. Early harvest of the crop.
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