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How To Grow- Anjeer

How To Grow- Anjeer

How To Grow- Anjeer


It is popularly known as “Anjeer” and belongs to family Moraceae. Hot and long summers are good for the cultivation of fig. They can also be grown in containers. The fruits of fig are eaten raw, can be preserved and can be used for cooking purposes. It is considered as the minor fruit crop in India. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are the major fig farming states. It also has health benefits such as it improves digestion and helps in preventing cancer, heart diseases and hypertension. It is a rich source of antioxidants.


It is grown in variety of soil. Loamy soil having well drainage system is best for fig farming. pH having soil range of 7-8 is optimum for its cultivation.

Plant Protection

Leaf defoliators: Defoliators feed themselves on the leaves of the trees. Control: Spraying of Quinalphos 400ml in 150ltr water per acre should be done to control defoliators.

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