Thunder Powder (VBL)

Thunder Powder (VBL)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
DataPack : 1 KG
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VBL - Thunder (Metarhizium anisoplea) VBL THUNDER is a new kind of termite. white grub, Semi-looper and other larva as well as Sucking pest control product. VBL THUNDER utilizes a naturally occurring soil fungus called Metarhizium anisopliea to attack termites where they are a problem and where they live. It comes as a 50% wettable powder in an easy to store and easy to use pouch. VBL Thunder is used as a direct treatment to active termites and white grubs.

Mode of Action: The Metarhizium fungus is a contact Biopesticide. The spores of the fungus must come into direct contact with the pest. It has no effect by ingestion or vapor. The spores of the fungus can actually be spread from exposed termites to unexposed termites. This allows the fungus to be spread through the colony killing additional termites. White grub & other larva as well.

Dosage: 2-3 kg/acre for soil application. Agri University recommended dosage for soil application 8 Kg/acre.

6o gram/ 15 Liter of water for spraying.

All crops. Grapevine. Citrus, Vegetables. Ornamental plants. Medicinal plants etc.

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