3in1 Organic Pesticide

3in1 Organic Pesticide

Brand:Katyayani Organics
Data100% Organic and Fully Water Soluble
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3 in 1 Organic Pesticide is Cost effective product. It is a New Technology Organic Pesticides solution with its Unique 3 in 1 Action.

  • Firstly it Protects plants and its flowers and vegetables and removes Red Ants , Cockroach, mosquito of Dengue and Malaria and all other garden insects .It protects your Home and Garden.

  • Secondly this Pesticides has effective for walls or wood/wood shield. It removes termites and cockroach for indoor in kitchen sinks & outdoor garden and other areas.

  • Third – Its natural spray solution gives protection from Dengue and Malaria mosquito and protect you and your children from these dangerous mosquitos . Its new Technology organic sprayer solution does not harm soil nutrients and insects have no prior resistance against it.

  • It is 100% organic and Fully water soluble. It comes in a 80ml, 250ml, 500ml bottle. It can be used direct application or with pesticide sprayer (optional).

  • 3 in 1 Money Saver Product under 500 with features of 3 products in a single product.

Application : Add 10ml solution to 10 Liter water and spray with the help of sprayer or simply apply to all areas in home garden plant office indoor, outdoor.

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