Activated Neem Oil

Activated Neem Oil

Brand:Katyayani Organics
Data100% Organic
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Activated Neem Oil :

It is an cost effective New Technology 100% Organic. Activated Neem oil for plants with fast Results.

It acts as a Insecticide/Fungicide/Miticide. Katyayani Activated Neem oil is Emulsifiable ecofriendly and bio degradable.

It Contains Activated Neem oil which is effective for 24 Hr - FAST RESULTS compared to regular oil. It is Specially Designed for all types of Plants , Garden & Domestic uses in Kitchen etc.

It contains Activated Azadiractin which effectively Repels and Controls aphids, black spot, rust, Spider mites, fleas, fungus gnats, whiteflies, mosquito Also Controls Plant Diseases Like black spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose and rust fungi Mites, Fungus gnats, Beetles, Moth larvae, Mushroom flies, Leafminers, Caterpillars, Locust, Nematodes Japanese beetle etc

Uses : For Indoor & Outdoor Use on Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Spices, roses, Houseplants, Flowers, Trees, Lawns and Shrubs Home Garden or at indoor areas in Kitchen or other areas.

Dosage : 5 ml/ litre of water. Add 1 litre water to 5 ml of solution and spray all over the plant in every 4 days, in case of a pest/insect attack. Otherwise, apply Solution at once in every 12 days. Foliar Spray is recommended

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