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Altra – 9 (Amruth)

Altra – 9 (Amruth)

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Altra – 9 : (Foliar Application)

Product Description : Altra – 9 is scientifically prepared micronutrient liquid mixture, liquid formulations for foliar application. It having major elements of Zinc which helps in plant hormone balance, Auxin activity & division of cells. ferrous assists in biological process, photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis. Boron helps in uniform ripening process and is essential in sugar transport and amino acid production. Manganese which activates enzymes and chloroplast production.

Benefits :

  • Altra -9 improves photosynthesis in plants and entire plant will become greenish.
  • Altra – 9 will help to overcome micronutrient deficiency in all crops.
  • Altra – 9 contains both macro & micro nutrient along with plant hormones.
  • Application of Altra – 9 improves and increases up take of nutrients available in soil.
  • Altra – 9 improves disease resistance in all crops.
  • Altra - 9 required in small quantity but increases yield both qualitative and quantitatively.
  • Altra – 9 repeated application with the interval of 15-20days will keep crop healthy and better growth.
  • Altra – 9 contains enzymes & growth promoters to enhance higher yield of crops.
  • Altra-9 effect on morphological characteristics of plant and soil as follows.
  • Physical : Increases the soil airing & Improves the soil work. Helps to resist drought. Improves germination. Makes the soil more friable or breakable & Reduces soil erosion.
  • Chemical : It chelates nutrients to improve its absorption by plants. It has a high cation exchange capacity. Increases the buffering capacity of soils & Increases the total nitrogen percentage on soils.
  • Biological : Accelerates the cellular division and promotes growth. Increases the seeds germination and their viability. Increases the formation and respiration of roots. Stimulates growth and the proliferation of soil microorganisms & Helps the photosynthesis.

Packing : 100 Ml, 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 1000 Ml, 5000 Ml,

Recommended Dosage : 2ml to 3 ml of Altra – 9 in 1 lit of water for foliar spray & Dissolve 500ml of Altra-9 in 200lit. Of water per acre for Drenching.

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