Ecotika Bentonite Sulphur Fertilizer Granules

Ecotika Bentonite Sulphur Fertilizer Granules

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Ecotika Bentonite Sulphur Fertilizer Granules : Bentonite Sulphur Granules are made of 90% elemental sulphur and 10% Bentonite. Sulphur is one of the vital nutrition factor. It is a deciding factor when it comes improving quality of the produce, enhances flavor of the grains, oil seeds, onion, garlic and fruits.

Description :

Bentonite Sulphur fertilizer is one of the concentrated source of sulphur. Sulphur deficiency is predominant in Indian soils. Sulphur is involved in metabolic functions of plants and is a constituent of amino acids. It also helps in chlorophyll synthesis and improves efficiency of other nutrients. Sulphur is a key element in oilseed production. It leads to improvement in yield of crops and oil content. Sulphur bentonite contains 90 % S and 10 % Bentonite clay which serves as binder during manufacture and as a dispersing agent after addition to soils.

Major Benefits of Bentonite Sulphur fertilizer :

  • Improves soil conditions as soil amendment.
  • Improves other fertilizers efficiency.
  • Improves plant health.
  • Decreases soil alkalinity.
  • Increases crop yield.
  • Increases crop quality.
  • Increases economic returns.


  • Sulphur is essential for the growth and development of all crops, without exception.
  • ‘S’ deficiencies can only be corrected by the application of ‘S’ fertiliser.


  • Sulphur (S) is vital for life, and essential for plant growth like nitrogen (N) phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), S is one of the nutrients essential to plant life. It contributes to higher crop yields and quality in different ways.
  • Provides a direct nutritional value.
  • Improves the efficiency of other essential nutrients to plants, particularly N,P and some micronutrients as Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn and B.
  • Improves crop production quality by increasing the percentage of protein and oil in seeds, cereal quality for milling and baking, nutritional value and marketability of vegetables and fruits, quality of tobacco, nutritive value of forages, etc.
  • Oil crops, legumes, forages and some vegetables require more S than P for optimal yield and quality.

Dosage for Bentonite Sulphur fertilizer granules :

  • For Plants in pots apply 30 Gms apply with regular fertilizers.
  • For plants based in Garden soil 60-80 grams can be applied along with other fertilizers.

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