Indian Squash, Chilli Hybrid and Brinjal Seed (Combo Pack)

Indian Squash, Chilli Hybrid and Brinjal Seed (Combo Pack)

Brand:Gro Golden - Nandi Seed Crop
DataCombo Pack of Vegetable Seeds
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Indian Squash seed (Tinda) Tinda/ Indian Squash is as maturing variety, its fruit size is small, may go up to 60 gm. It is green, round and shining with white flesh inside.

  • Potting Medium: Fertile compost rich soil
  • Pot Size: 15-18 Inches
  • Seed Placement: ½ to 1 Inch
  • Water Requirement: Once or twice a week
  • Sunlight: Warm and dry conditions, climber plant
  • Sowing Distance: 4 ft to 6 ft apart (30 cm ridge apart)
  • Sowing Time: Spring and Summer

Chilli seed – This variety is popularly known as “Pusa or Jwala”. Producing a light green colour long thin shaped fruit (approx. 6 to 7 inch), with strongly spicy aroma and flavour. This is famous for its high disease resistance & promises healthy fruit.

  • Potting Medium: Moist/ Well drained soil
  • Pot Size: 10-12 Inches
  • Seed Placement: ½ to 1 Inch deep
  • Water Requirement: Slightly moist
  • Sunlight: Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • Sowing Distance: 1.5 ft
  • Sowing Time: February to June, depending on local climate

Hybrid Brinjal seed (Bengan/Baingan/Began) The plant will grow up to a medium height. Fruit will be large, round and dark purple-black coloured. Each fruit will weight from about 300 grams to 500 grams. After transplantation of saplings, it will take 65 to 70 days to be ready. The fruit will have no spikes and less seeds inside making it each to cook.

  • Potting Medium: Manure rich soil Pot Size: 12 inch
  • Seed Placement: ½ inch
  • Water Requirement: Regular watering, keep moist
  • Sunlight: Bright & Sunny spot
  • Sowing Distance: 1 plant per pot
  • Sowing Time: June to November (15 degree to 30 degree)

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