Ajay Neem plus: (Neem cake)

Ajay Neem plus: (Neem cake)

DataPack : 1 Kg
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Ajay Neem plus : (Neem cake)

Description : This is revolutionary neem seed kernel based potential organic fertilizer. It improves the health of soil and enhances the growth of plants. It contains Azadirachtin which in result protect plants from various pests being natural pesticide. Furthermore ajay neem improves the organic matter content of the soil, And it also improves soil texture, water holding capacity and soil aeration for better root development. It is always compatible with soil microbes.

Recommended crops : For all crops.

Dosage Recommendation: :

  • Sugarcane 250 kg/acre.
  • Cotton, potato, onion, 100 kg/acre.
  • Ornamentals crops, Rice, Soybean, Groundnut, Okra (leady finger), chilli, tomato, brinjal, cabbage 50kg/acre.
  • Cashew nuts, Sweet lemon, Orange, tea gardens for plants those are above the 1 to 5 years, 2 kg/Plant.

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