Biolexin 95

Biolexin 95

DataPack : 500 ML
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Description : It is a rich herbal extract containing prohibitins and an elicitor for phytoalexins that fight against the invading organisms.Most of the productive crops lack natural bio-chemicals and hence they are introduced by spray of Biolexin-95 on the foliage of the crop..

Benefits• Prevents pathogenic attacks on crops• Prevents crops from variety of diseases such as downy mildew, gummosis, damping off, bud rot, fruit rot, late blight, quick wilt etc• Healthy crop means a better-quality produce

Recommended crops :

All fruit crops, orchards, vegetables and cash crops like grapes, ginger and turmeric.

Dosage Recommendation: :

For Foliar spray: Mix 0.5 -1 ml per litre of water

3-4 leaf stage -1.5-2 ml per litre of water

5-8 leaves – 2-3 ml per litre of water

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