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Description : It contains essential micronutrients in balanced proportion required by the paddy crop and recommended as Soil Application. Helps in absorption and utilization of other nutrients. Paddy grow having major elements of Zinc which helps in plant hormone balance, Auxin activity & division of cells. ferrous assists in biological process, photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis. Boron helps in uniform ripening process and is essential in nutrient transport in bulbs and amino acid production. Manganese which activates enzymes and chloroplast production.

Dosage : Apply 10 kgs per acre at15 days after transplanting..

Benefits: Improves grain weight and in turn increases the crop yield. Increases the number of tillers per hill and develops resistance to diseases and keeps plant healthy. Supplies all essential micronutrients in balanced proportion. Helps in improving plant growth, yield and quality of the produce

Pack Size: 5kg and 10kg

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Tags: ASTRAL PREMIUM, Crop Nutrients, Amruth Organic Fertilizer