Gibrax SP186 (Gibberellic Acid)

Gibrax SP186 (Gibberellic Acid)

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Gibrax SP186 -100GM(Gibberellic Acid) :

Description : It is used for cell elongation which results in inreasing size of Fruits, flowers, and helps in overall growth of plants. Increases Immunity of Crops, and increases yield.

Advantages :All crops vegetable, flower gardens, orchards, turf grass, Fruits (Horticulture), Hydrophonics, Green House Crops etc.

Contents : Gibberelic Acid + Seaweed + Amino + Micronutrients + Vitamins

Dosage : Dose: 1 GM / Ltr, Suitable for Drip, Folliar Spray.

Recommended Repetition : After Sowing every 15 days, 2 times

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