Humishri (Humic Acid 15%)

Humishri (Humic Acid 15%)

Brand:Bhagyashri Agro Inputs and Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Humishri (Humic Acid 15%):

Benefits :

  • Enhances seedling vigor.
  • Improvs uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients.
  • Induce early maturity.
  • Help plants to resist drought.
  • Results in higher yields and better quality crops.

Recommendation :

  • Seed treatment : 5 to 10 ml/kg seed in required quantity of water.
  • Seeding/Root dip : 2 ml per liter of water.
  • Foliar spray : 1ml /liter of water at actively growing and reproductively stages.
  • Drip Irrigation : 1 liter / Acre in sufficient quantity of water.

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