Blue Sticky Trap - 22 Cm X 28 Cm

Blue Sticky Trap - 22 Cm X 28 Cm

Brand:Green Revolution
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Blue Sticky Trap - 22 Cm X 28 Cm

Description: The Blue trap has some important advantages. As well as the blue being more attractive for the thrips. It is also far less attractive to other species. This increases the specificity of the traps and avoids the complications of attracting no target and in particular beneficial insects, which need to be preserved. The blue traps can comfortably be used in glasshouses etc. where beneficial insects are being released. Some insects are still caught but this is likely to be due to random contact. These are standard cut sized Paper sheets coated both the sides with insect sticky adhesive along with release paper.

How to use: Simply hang above your crop at regular intervals and count insect catch regularly to determine population size and source of problem. glue traps are designed to make a real impact in your greenhouse. Monitors and detects the insects in the field. Attracts all flying insects which damage the crops.

Advantages of using this IPM Product: High tack adhesive layer. Ideal for quick and simple monitoring. The glue is non toxic and does not dry fast. It is easy to install in the field. They are user ECO friendly. Non Toxic. ​

Product Color: Blue

Shelf life: Long life

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