AMAZINC Mono-Hydrate - 33%

AMAZINC Mono-Hydrate - 33%

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AMAZINC Zinc Mono-Hydrate - 33% :

Description : Zinc Monohydrate is a free-flowing powder contains 33% Zinc along with 15% Sulphur. This is the most deficient Secondary nutrient. It is essential for several enzyme activities, production of auxins & proteins. It is found suitable for all crops.

Benefits :

  • Essential for synthesis and activation of various enzymes and growth hormones.
  • An essential nutrient required for growth of plants, production of seeds and ripening of fruits.
  • Regulates vegetative growth, Regulates the levels of Phosphate.
  • Improves flower and fruit setting.
  • Activates many metabolic activities.
  • Develops resistance against environmental stress and pathogens.

Dosage : Apply 5kgs of AMEZINC per acre.

Pack Size:250gm, 500gm, and 5kg.

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